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Vlogging, sounds like something you need to see medical help with and pretty dam quick! Although mostly due to some very successful Trans Vloggers it’s a term that’s going more mainstream and now EVERYONE want start Vlogs.


So for those that aren’t quite up to speed, just what is Transgender Vlogs, or indeed any type of Vlogging. Basically, it’s a blog where people post up videos and those videos can have any content.


Is it the same as Youtube, well not really as you control more what gets posted within your Trans Vlogs and being within a dating / Trans sex contacts website it does mean some are very adult in nature and would never pass the guideline laid down by Youtube !.


Accessing our Trans Vlog Section …

As a member you will have full access to the Video blog section or as we know now Vlogging section. From here you can post your own videos with basically any legal content.


If the videos you are uploading do show sex acts or naked bits of your body then you will have to confirm your age again just by sending in prof of age document, this once done will not have to be done again, its just a one off confirmation.


The videos can be any length although personally from uploading videos to my own Vlogs I try to keep them quite short as it increases the upload time. Plus you can always post more than one Trans Vlog.


What Videos Can I post .. 

ANYTHING…. But remember you are posting this within an adult personals site and whilst some I’m sure would love to post up dressing tips and advice I would keep it more dating related.


But saying that one of our Transgender Vlogging members has a huge amount of videos of how get make the most of your looks and getting ready for dates.


As with Youtube, members can like your Vlogs, they can follow you, and can make postings that you can either approve or not. But one thing it does offer is a great way to tell others about your thoughts on anythings whether that’s dating, SEX, men (not that we are not already perfect, starts running LOL. ) or just getting out.


Join us today and start your own Vlog it could lead you towards finding a boyfriend, sex buddy or just meeting other Trans

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Transgender Girlfriend | Connect With Transgender Women