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Trans NSA Sex, but what comes under this thow away term that many seem to use, and some don’t fully understand just what’s on offer of not!

NSA means just that, whether you are meeting with some hot transgender, crossdresser, sissy, admirer, or anything in between, is that maybe where the “Q” comes from within LGBTQ! No Strings Attached SEX “Is” a completely causal sex relationship upon your desires alone.


Depending on the site you look at they will say it is the most unemotional relationship possible, but is that possible between 2 people having SEX? and whilst many will agree it is for those that can only separate sex from any real feelings or relationship, I still think as a human there is “some” sexual connection, just maybe less relationship communication, because its SEX.


What is NSA in dating? Mmmmm interesting one, when you think of a relationship, one would assume more than once, and for many NSA stands for ‘No Strings Attached. ‘, an Transgender NSA relationship, means not dating, but saying all of this I know of people that do get involved with NSA sexual meetups for casual sex, but you could also view it as relationship, because they meet a few times, but its for SEX!.


NSA Sex = FWB ? Trans Dates  …

Is NSA and FWB the same thing? Over the last few weeks I’ve read various postings in the forums and chatrooms dropping the term “Friends With Benefits” and often they use it to describe the people they current involved with, also using words like


:- NSA (No Strings Attached), FWB (Friends with Benefits), BFF (Best Friend Forever) Sex Friend (friend you have sex with?), Friend (friend you…haven’t yet had sex with?) & Partner (romantic, business, who knows?), Partner in crime.


What does it all mean for this very straight forward-thinking admirer it all means the same thing, in so much that a person wants to meet with someone else for some FUN… and in this crazy world we live in, is there anything wrong in just meeting up for SEX!.


The real issue is to make sure people know this! The only time it becomes a problem is when someone takes “SEX” to mean “LOVE” but if both know whats on the cards, no one gets hurt.  


Meeting Transgender for NDS SEX is not only possible but by joining us you can access personals where singles are only looking for causal arrangements and meeting others for sometimes one off SEX, maybe twice, any more and its turning into something else, which is also on the cards, assuming you both want this.


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